Pussy Saga Mobile-Pussy Saga Mobile v1.82 MOD APK (999 Moves, Easy Win)

Pussy Saga Mobile-Pussy Saga Mobile v1.82 MOD APK (999 Moves, Easy Win) title=

Pussy Saga Mobile

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Pussy Saga Mobile has gameplay where players will find ways to conquer girls and complete match-three levels. You will easily find ways to conquer these girls and the necessary items to unlock new characters. At the same time, you will try to overcome challenging match-three levels to uncover their secrets and have romantic dating moments.


In Pussy Saga Mobile, players will find an interesting journey when you will be the one trying to conquer the girls they find. Of course, each character owns a different look and way of dressing, which you will take time to get to know and conquer. At the same time, this will be a difficult journey and requires you to collect the necessary items to unlock the characters you love.

You will find a list of girls you can fall for in this game standing side by side, and of course, not everyone will have a clear color. Specifically, some characters will be a white silhouette with a lock and accompanying conditions. You need to take care of different types of requirements, such as upgrading an element in the shop to collect nectars, using crystals, and many other types of requests that you need to fulfill.


After you have your target in Pussy Saga Mobile, you will start attacking these girls and gradually reveal their stories and secrets. These secrets can only be told by people with whom they feel close and reach a high degree of intimacy so that they can trust and tell these stories. So that is the purpose you need to complete, and there are many paths that you will need to go through and bring unexpected results.

There will be four main activities that you can find in any girl, including date, learning stat, giving a present, and improving personality. Each type brings different effects when you can date the girls you like, collect items at that level, and have great moments with them. In addition, learn stat will bring stories that you can chat with them and many other exciting activities to help you win their hearts.


When all the elements of affection and resources you own in Pussy Saga Mobile are complete, you will begin to play decisive levels, and they will revolve around match-three levels. The rules of this level are exciting when you will touch an element and move it to another location on the screen. Through movement, it also creates impressive combos, and you need to collect the required items and meet the level’s goal.

An interesting point that you will not be able to ignore is that you will know the level of success you are having in the levels. Each time you complete each part of the request, you will see a change in the character’s facial expression you are flirting with. So you will be motivated to achieve the level and have great moments with them.

The game possesses many elements that players should experience:

It is exciting gameplay that any player will enjoy as they meet and interact with girls with attractive beauties.Each girl has her own stories and different secrets that you can discover and reach emotional moments.You will need to upgrade some in-game items to get a required item and unlock other characters.There are many activities for you to do with the characters such as date, give a present, and many other activities with impressive effects.You will overcome various match-three challenges and feel the level of success, romantic moments with girls that you can reach.